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Paper faced gypsum cornice machine

Our company has 23 years of experience in R&D,manufacturing and installation of paper-faced gypsum board equipment.Gypsum line equipment all adopt the configuration of multi-million level,export level paper surface gypsum board equipment.

Technical Specification
Product Specification:
Quality Standard
The quality of the gypsum cornice should meet the following requirements:
Length tolerance:±6mm
Width tolerance:±2mm
Thickness tolerance:±1mm

Production Parameters

Qualified board:≥98%

Working Schedule:8 hours/shift,3 shifts/day,300 working days/year
Workers needed:12-14 workers/shift

Factory Building Condition
Factory length:130M
Factory width:9M
Factory height:6M
Machine length:120M
Installation power:140KW
Actual power consumption:80-90power/H

Requirement the Raw Materials
Physical Property:



Particle size(mm)

>0.2, residue≤10%

Initial setting time (min)

6 to 8 minutes

Final setting time (min)

8 to 10 minutes

Compressive strength 2h (MPa)


 Bulk density(g/l)

750 to 900

Components : 




CaSO41· /2H2O



Brief Introduction of Production Process


Main Parts Introduction

1.paper forming and conveying system:one set of paper conveying system for crane(with high-low adjustment,deviation correction and tension function)
2.Water precision conveying system:the water is conveyed by computer metering pump with precision of 1/1500
3.Water batching system:two sets of water and various water-based additives mixing systems,one for use+one for adding,two for recycling
4.gypsum powder conveying system:two gypsum powder storage silos(new ones made in the new project site),one main gypsum powder conveying system and two precision gypsum powder conveying systems,with precision of 1/1500
5.Liquid powder mixing system:the water-based liquid gypsum powder(foaming agent can be added if there is a requirement to reduce the weight)enters into the molding and conveying system(core equipment,the system can be replaced)after the system is fully mixed and even
6.forming and conveying system:paper corner forming system,American googyear heavy conveyor belt,paper gypsum line back forming system,logo paper veneering device,frame,roller conveying system
7.acceleration system after cutting:cutting system,frame,roller conveying system
8.into drying room reversing system:No.1 lifting system reversing system No.2 lifting system
9.drying room inlet distribution system:six layer distribution system
10.lifting Distribution System:enter the drying room of each floor in sequence through this lifting system,6 layers.Heat transfer oil 220-260 degrees.
11.drying system:air circulation system in drying room controlled by three fans
12.conveying roller conveyor and chain drive diagram in drying system
13.natural gas boiler system:control system high level tank and low level tank for heat transfer oil reserve of heat transfer oil circulation system of natural gas boiler
14.screw air compressor and air storage tank:pneumatic switch air source system for equipment
15.Main driving machine of drying system
16.end system of finished products:end system of drying room
17.paper gypsum cornice conveying,cutting,sawing,dust collection system
18.finished product conveying system:finished product conveying(quality inspection station)
19.automatic packaging system for finished products

Equipment Advantage
1.Our company has 23 years of experience in R&D,manufacturing and installation of paper-faced gypsum board equipment.Gypsum line equipment all adopt the configuration of multi-million level,export level paper surface gypsum board equipment.
2.The machine automatically feeds the material without manual labor,the conveyor automatically feeds the powder,the PLC computer controls the ratio of water to powder,and the pulper automatically and reasonably handles the gypsum material pulp.
3.The whole set of equipment adopts the most advanced modular manufacturing and installation method in the world today.
4.Installed power 26.85 kW,actual production power 17 kW per hour(our continuous production test results),low energy consumption,environmental protection and energy saving.
5.The equipment comes with digital display function,the number tells you the daily output,and through the number reflects the water,powder,equipment running speed,let you step from amateur to insider.
6.Adopting German technology,the slurry machine works continuously for 24 hours without clogging,with the advantages of uniform and stable material,no air bubbles,high strength,full and lustrous flower pattern,etc.