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FGD Gypsum Powder Production Line

FGD gypsum powder Production Line is to processes chemical gypsum through drying, calcination, and grinding into gypsum powder that can be used in construction.

Introduction of Desulfurized Gypsum  Powder Production Line
FGD gypsum powder Production Line is to processes chemical gypsum through drying,calcination,and grinding into gypsum powder that can be used in construction.
Our company masters the latest hot-air boiling furnace technology and hammer dryer technology for the production of chemical gypsum powder. The performance of the produced gypsum powder is better than other technologies, and it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can achieve high-capacity production
Paramater of Gypsum Powder Machine

Product Name

FGD gypsum  powder Production Line

Annual capacity

15,000 to 500,000 tons

Working time

24h/day ,300day/year

Raw Material Gypsum Type

Desulfurized gypsum from power plants

Gypsum powder Mesh

Within 220 meshes

Heating method

Hot air boiling furnace  

Application of the powder

Building material like to produce gypsum board ,
To make plaster of paris , to make gypsum cornice or ceiling

Degree of automation

Fully automatic

Fuel for the heating system

natural gas,coal,diesel,heavy oil,light oil etc

Packing method available

1. Packing machine 1-2 mouth
2. Rotary kiln packing machine
3. Iton bag packing machine

Finished powder bending strength


Finished powder compressive  strength


Main System of The Whole Production Line
First Step-Raw Material Conveying And Drying System
Forklift put the raw material into the hopper, and then from the hopper to hammer dyer by the belt conveyor.

Second Step-Drying System 
To dry the surface water of the powder with  temperature around 500-700 degree,it can increase the liquidity of the gypsum powder and make it easy to calcine after come into the boiling furnace. it’s our core technology.


Third Step Cacinating System
The function of the boiling furnace is to remove crystal water and residual surface water. In this part ,we equipped waste heat utilization device, with this device , the waste heat can be reused in the hammer dryer to dry the surface water ,So the discharge heat  temperatuer is low than 100,so it is more enegry saving . 

Four Step-Milling System 
This part is ball mill, because the chemical powder has quality problem, through modification mill, it can change the characteristic of chemical gypsum powder, make it similar to natural gypsum,it can increase the specific surface area  of the powder. 

Then packing Machine And Silo
After milling, the gypsum powder will come into the silo by elevator. For this part, if you want to produce plaster of Paris, there will be some connection parts to plaster plant.

PLC Control System And Lab Equipment
Technology Advantage
1. Continuous output: using hammer dryer and soft start.
2. Stable quality: The modified mill can increase the specific surface area of the material.
3. Energy saving and stability: adopt the latest hot air boiling furnace technology, heat recycling, more energy saving.
4. High performance equipment: use cloth bag dust removal, water bath desulfurization and denitrification treatment, and Greet brand inverter. , Siemens Electric, PLC, Guomao reducer, GB cable, electrical control: ABB.
5. Simple control: It adopts computer display and PLC control.
6. Mature experience: The core feature of our company is the mature technology for sale, which can lay a solid foundation for your company.
7. The maximum technical capacity can reach 1000 tons/day
8. Reasonable layout and low maintenance rate
9. Short installation and debugging time