Shandong Yurui Machinery Group Co., Ltd expand new business and established a shareholder relationship with Asia fuji elevator.
Exploring the overseas elevator market field 
With the development and growing demand from the market, also with the development of our ZHUCHEN brand, ZHUCHEN took a stake in Weihai Longwei and built a modern MgO Board production plant which covers an area of 90 acres in Rushan, Weihai. The establishment of the new factory marks the company's entry into a new stage of market development.
Brand-building years
In 2017, Shandong Yurui Machinery Group Co., Ltd was established.
 Mgo board brand ZHUCHEN is mainly responsible for manufacturing the pure sulfate mgo board  
Mgo board machinery subsidiary Meizhong mainly focuses on the mgo board machinery production 
Relying on the technology accumulation related to MgO board and machinery of Yurui, we adopt the most advanced MgO Board production line in the market and realize the highest automated production process. The factory can meet the production and processing requirements from standard boards to high-end customized products and can realize the personalized requirements of customers in different markets. 
In 2011, Yurui participates Jinan Oyade CNC Machinery Co., LTD as one shareholder, mainly responsible for the production and exportation of the lightweight wall panel production line and mgo board production line.
The brand name is Yurui & OYADE.
Jinhu established Shandong Yurui International Trade Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the production and export of gypsum series equipment.
Yurui means prosperous, copious, harmonious, and auspicious.
Shandong Jinhu Group. Starting in 1994, Shandong Jinhu Group is a comprehensive enterprise group with the business construction material industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, modern logistics, real estate, and so on.