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Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line

In recent years, due to the problem of raw materials and shipping costs, paper-faced gypsum has received restrictions on the purchase of face-protecting paper, which has increased production costs. The invention of paper-free gypsum equipment has solved the problem of paper-faced gypsum. At the same time, compared with Traditional paper-faced plaster, It has stronger strength and better waterproof and flexural performance, so the market potential is huge.

Good market prospect of Paperless Gypsum Board Machine 


Item name

Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line


Length :2400-3050mm



Edge type

Tongue &Groove
Square Edge
Tapered Edge
Feather Edge


0.9 -1.2 kg / m³

Special characteristics

Water resistance and paperless

Color available

Gray & Blue&Yellow ect. Popular color could be customized


Interior wall / Exterior wall/Ceiling/ Floor /Partition wall


Development Of Paperless Gypsum Board Machine

After several years of research, our engineers have successfully developed a paperless gypsum board production line by combining the Mgo Board production process with the gypsum board process.


Feature of the Paperless Gypsum Board Machine

1. Multi-functional 
The paperless gypsum production line can be used not only for the production of gypsum board, but also for glass-magnesium board, cement fiber board, realizing the multi-functionality of a production line.

2. This production line is in highly automated, stable operation, low investment, mature technology, and multi-functionality.


Advantage of Paperless Gypsum Board

1. Paperless gypsum board is very easy to handle and not easy to damage. 

2. Since the vertical and horizontal strength is the same, it can be installed vertically and horizontally. 

3. The installation and fixation of fiber gypsum board, except that it is fixed with screws and round nails like paper-faced gypsum board, makes the construction faster and more convenient. 

4. General gypsum board installation systems also  can be used for Paperless gypsum board.

5. The final decoration of the paperless gypsum board can be various types of wallpaper, wall coverings, various coatings and various wall tiles, etc. 

6. On the upper surface of the board, it can be made into smooth and smooth or machined into various patterns and shapes. Or printed into various patterns, or embossed into a pattern with uneven patterns.