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Wall Panel Line - Vertical

1.Double functional in producing sandwich wall panel and solid wall panel. Its surface plate used cold roll steel plate , so that can guarantee the wall panel are straight ,besides the plate is durable. For solid wall panel,Shandong Ouayde is the first company to make the research and development for it. 2.Full automatic in opening and closing the mold car, then can save more labor cost, increase production capacity. 3.Higher production capacity for one set vertical mold car: It can produce 40 sheets wall panel(90*610*2440).

Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line - Vertical Mold  Car



Popular Product Specifications


Thickness (mm)








Length (mm)

2440mm--3000 mm

Width (mm)

610 mm

Density kg/㎡








Fire endurance (hr)









ssFinished Product advantages

1.The lighter material of the brick used weighs 25% to 40% of the  weight of the bricks.

2.High thermal insulation.

3.Remove a higher sound.

4.Install faster 4 times than the regular blocks.

5.Wall does not need the expenses of the work of the plaster.

6.Change the cement used to modern materials doubles the daily production and make the product lighter weight.

7. Manufacturing mold molds so that the measurement can be changed according to demand.


Production Process




Our Advantage

1. Automatic raw material feeding --metering--mixing system--casting, accurate measurement to ensure proportion stability.

2. The mixer is a double-shaft, compact structure beautiful appearance, stable operation, convenient operation, and high production efficiency. Besides, the blade is only 3mm to the mixer wall so that can guarantee to mix even. The end of the shaft has four seals, no oil leakage, no slurry leakage, and automatic oil filling maintenance.

3. The mixer is sealed, so there is only a small quantity of dust and no need dust collector, which can help you save cost. 

4. For big capacity, we will equip a second mixer, the function of the second-time mixer is to store the slurry, the other is to shorten the mixing time, so as to increase the production capacity, and the third is to prevent the slurry from solidifying and make the slurry more uniform.
In addition, it can avoid the problems of cement sinking and EPS floating caused by vibrating.
This is also an advantage of our technology.

5. With our mold car and molds ,customer could produce T&L shape wall panel.

6. After  raw materail mxied well ,will be casted into the forming machine by the pump+ pipe  , no need to vibrate, As the pipe keep under slurry  durting casting  , so can avoid air bubbles.

7. Our  mold car advantage 
1)It is double functional in producing sandwich wall panel and solid wall panel. So you can meet more markets demand. 
2)Exquisite workmanship and adequate materials,not easy deform , long service life.
3)Dense welding, exquisite workmanship, rust removal of steel balls.


Market Expectation and Project advantages

1. Lower material cost, higher profit
Lightweight and energy-saving composite wall panel is made of industrial waste fly ash, slag, ceramics, portland cement and EPS foam particles as the main raw materials. The production process is simple, the cost is low, and the economic benefits are considerable.

2. Advanced technology
The industrialization and commercialization of residential construction in this century have been irreversible. According to the development of wall materials in developed countries, the product is in line with the development law, which overcomes the defects of other lightweight wall panel, has unique performance, and will be the leader in new wall materials.

3. Fully meet the needs of building area
According to China's national conditions, the overall requirements for the development of the wall reform are from sticky to non-clay, from small to large, heavy to light, low to high, high to low, and single. The function develops into a multifunctional wall. The project has highlighted the functions of lightweight, high-strength, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, waste, and energy saving of the wall. Therefore, the implementation of this project is imperative.

4. Broad source of raw materials
Housing and human beings are the most inseparable. They are long-term durable consumer goods, and they are also the most expensive and largest human products. This requires that the source of raw materials for the production of wall panel must be rich and extensive. The wall panel uses industrial waste fly ash, slag, and EPS foam particles as the main raw materials, which are environmental-friendly; at the same time, low-cost ordinary chemical raw materials are used as the main raw materials, and both raw materials are abundant and widely sourced.

5. Lightweight panel has obvious competitive advantages in the industry
(1) The weight is lighter
(2) The thickness of the wall more thinner
(3) Easier to install, take a modular assembly, saving installation time 
(4) Higher strength, more anti-aging
(5) Higher energy efficiency
(6) More waterproof
(7) The fireproof performance meets the national A standard and it is non-combustible;
(8) Non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, non-radioactive, it is a green building material.

6. Low Operating Risk
Long-term and stability advantages: Once a wall material is successfully developed and recognized by the government and society, its market competitive advantage is relatively stable and its operation has a long-term nature."
(1) Product production mechanization, higher production capacity, few workers needed, high stability.
(2) The project is a comprehensive utilization of waste and is a key supporting industry in the country.