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Customized MGO board for Floor

MGO board used as floor board, it is so popular right now. It has many outstanding advantages than fiber cement board in floor application. Stronger&Lighter&Cheaper.

Special Customized Series

Sometimes you will have some special requirements that need some customization, like bending strength, fireproof time, color, size, etc. You can share your ideas, we could discuss and make the board based on your requirements. We could provide you a special designed product. 
Here I would like to share some cases we helped our customer to develop a new product. 


We don’t want to use the big board, we want the size is 600*2400mm, or 915*915mm and we want to get a grey color.
Zhu Chen: Size and thickness tolerance could reflect a factory's ability to control the quality. In our factory, we are equipped with a precision saw which could provide an efficient production process and also a very good tolerance control of the size.