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Customized MGO board for Fireproof Door

MGO board, as the best fireproof raw material A1 grade,so it can used in fireproof walls in hotel, hospital and so on. Now we are exporting large quantity to global market. Sometimes our engineers will add some special additives into MGO board to increase the fireproof time!

Special Customized Series

Sometimes you will have some special requirements that need some customization, like bending strength, fireproof time, color, size, etc. You can share your ideas, we could discuss and make the board based on your requirements. We could provide you a special designed product. 
Here I would like to share some cases we helped our customer to develop a new product. 



We will use the MGO board for the fireproof door, we need the MGO board to have higher fire resistance time.
Zhu Chen:  Adjust the formula of the MGO board:
1)Use pure sulfate MGO board
2)Add some special materials