Mgnesium Oxide Board Production Line

The MgO board is a great fireproof building materials and panels used in different areas, it has excellent fireproof performance. This production line is energy efficient to produce the MgO board, which could reduce the waste and capture carbon dioxide during production. Besides that, the boards' fungus resistance means they attract no rot, mildew, allergens, or mold. It's 20 to 30 percent lighter than other cement-based boards. It becomes more and more popular.

Fiber Cement Board Production Line

Our machine line solution is a new type of production solution in the fiber cement board. It is a type of flow-roll forming process, with no need for high temperature and a high-pressure curing process. Traditional production lines use autoclave which needs a big area and energy, and the cost is also higher. Our production line doesn’t need it. The production speed is about 300pcs/hours based on 10mmx1220x2440mm.

Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line

In recent years, due to the problem of raw materials and shipping costs, paper-faced gypsum has received restrictions on the purchase of face-protecting paper, which has increased production costs. The invention of paper-free gypsum equipment has solved the problem of paper-faced gypsum. At the same time, compared with Traditional paper-faced plaster, It has stronger strength and better waterproof and flexural performance, so the market potential is huge.

Wall Panel Line - Horizontal

Our Lightweight wall panel production line (Horizontal mold car) is a new type of wall panel production line developed based on our special experiences and mature technology.  The horizontal mold cars is more flexible to produce different length of wall panel. The horizontal mold car can produce 20 pcs per set-We are the first Chinese factory to develop this kind machine to produce more panels per set car. In this way customers can save labor cost. Compare with the vertical mold car, the horizontal mold car could produce three types of wall panels with different molds. Includes EPS Cement Sandwich Panel, Solid Wall Panel (without surface board) and hollow core wall panel. If you would like to produce the hollow core wall panel, the horizontal type is the best choice.