Features of partition board forming machine


  The partition wall panel forming machine adopts the independent innovation and research and development of the group vertical mold technology, with high forming precision. Different types of wall materials have strong adaptability to materials, good process stability, high production efficiency, small production line footprint, and the production process is less affected by the external climate. The partition wall forming machine has the following characteristics:
  1. The production form of the partition board forming machine is novel and the production capacity is high: the vertical mold assembly line production form can ensure 24-hour uninterrupted production and high output.
  2. The specifications of the products produced are diverse: it can take into account the production needs of different finished boards, thickness: 60-240mm and different lengths: 600-3500mm or more products.
  3. The partition board forming machine is flexible in operation: the thickness of the cement mortar surface layer can be adjusted according to the needs.
  4. Better product performance: It is superior to traditional products in terms of light weight, compression resistance, folding resistance, sound insulation, fire resistance and durability.
  5. The partition board forming machine has durability: scientific and rigorous design, excellent material selection, fine production, strict quality supervision, and the whole machine can be shipped out of the factory after the test machine has no problems.
  6. Fluency and continuity: The links of material storage, pre-mixing, cloth, upper plate and lower plate are seamlessly connected, taking into account production safety, operability and ease of operation.
  7. High compatibility of partition panel forming machine: it can take into account building energy saving and structural integration, the production of thermal insulation template without dismantling and the production of composite sandwich inner and outer wall panels. One machine is multi-purpose to help customers expand the scope of product application
  8. The partition board forming machine has a high degree of automation: automatic conveying, automatic measurement, automatic upper and lower plates, automatic turnover, reducing manual and manual operation links, and the degree of automation is more than 90%
  9. Low personnel requirements: no professional skills requirements, and can meet the job requirements after simple training.
  10. Widespread popularity: the formula can be adjusted at any time according to the changes of different raw materials in different places.