The principle, maintenance, adaptation range and advantages of wall panel equipment


  Wallboard equipment (innovative new wallboard equipment, new composite wallboard machine, lightweight composite wallboard equipment, wallboard equipment, new wallboard equipment) is a new type of large-scale wallboard with excellent performance of green, environmental protection, energy saving, heat preservation and fire prevention. It can be used with domestic and foreign frame structures, steel structures and special-shaped column structure systems.
  The principle of wallboard equipment: the raw materials of products produced by wallboard equipment are wide, and there are no geographical restrictions. It is mainly made of sawdust, straw, rice husk and various crop straws, and inorganic materials are added and processed by special technology. The wallboard equipment adopts the double-drive double-roller extrusion technology to complete the production process of the product from sizing, main material, spreading, compounding, and re-pressing at one time. The equipment has a high degree of automation, stable operation, and the specifications can be adjusted at will. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of production workers and changes many disadvantages of vertical and flat die casting in the past.
  Scope of application of wall panel equipment: mainly used for building wall insulation, building roof insulation system, steel plate roof insulation, ground insulation, warehouse insulation, road foundation, and can be widely used in many fields, such as refrigerated trucks, square floors, airports, etc.
  Maintenance of wallboard equipment: 1. In addition to adding butter to the vibration guide rod of the wallboard equipment, and checking, adjusting, cleaning, refueling and other daily maintenance of related components in each shift, the following maintenance work should be carried out regularly; The actual working time, the cumulative running time is 1800 hours, so it is necessary to replace the lubricating oil in the reducer once, and clean the reducer with kerosene or diesel before adding new oil. Regularly check the oil level of the reducer, if it is close to the lower limit, immediately raise it to the upper limit. 2. The vibrator of the wall panel equipment should be maintained in accordance with the following regulations: when handling and operating the vibrator, attention should be paid to prevent knocking damage; the outside of the casing should be kept clean so as not to hinder the heat dissipation of the motor; if abnormal sound or abnormality is found during the operation of the vibrator Vibration and burnt smell, immediately cut off the power supply and stop for inspection; regularly check the wear of wearing parts such as bearings and oil seals, and replace them in time if problems are found. 3. During the extrusion operation of the wall panel equipment, if the quality is poor and the molding speed is seriously reduced, stop the machine to check the wearing parts such as the stirring blade, wall panel, and vibration plate; when replacing the stirring blade, it should be replaced symmetrically to ensure the feeding. evenly. 4. The wall panel equipment shall not be placed without leakage. When not in use for a long time, the key parts should be oiled for protection, and the four corners of the two front walking wheels and the two rear wall panels should be in contact with the ground and placed horizontally to reduce deformation. 5. In addition to using and maintaining the extruder according to the provisions of this manual, the user should also formulate the safety operation rules of the extruder, implement the fixed operation, and ensure the normal operation of the extruder to produce qualified products.
  Advantages of wall panel equipment: The production process of composite thermal insulation lightweight partition panel production line is simple, the equipment is highly automated, the labor intensity is low, the production line is operated, and the production process has no noise and no three wastes. The thermal insulation lightweight partition board production line has low energy consumption, does not require high temperature and high pressure, and uses chemical reaction to release heat, which meets the production process requirements.