Glass magnesium board not only has a good fireproof effect but also an ideal decorative material


  It is non-flammable and non-explosive, resistant to water, oil, chemical corrosion, non-toxic and high mechanical strength. This product is currently the lightest board, which completely replaces wood board construction and decoration materials. It has high efficiency and high strength in architectural decoration, and does not rot due to the influence of moisture, humidity or steam. It is a non-toxic, Excellent environmental protection building materials composed of inorganic mineralized materials. Light weight, can be cut, drilled, and nailed, which is convenient for on-site construction, light weight, high strength, energy saving, wood substitute, non-toxic and harmless, bendable, easy to construct, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, fireproof, waterproof, Corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, breathing function, strong machinability, and durability (good durability, no layers after more than 25 cycles of cooling and heating, no cracks). Comply with the national standard first-class fire-resistant standard.​​
  Main use: It can replace wood plywood as wall skirts, door and window panels, door panels, furniture, etc. It can also be used as blend paint, clear paint, and can be processed into various types of panels, and can be used in basements, civil air defenses and mines and other humid environments It can also be combined with a variety of thermal insulation materials to make composite thermal insulation boards. Widely used in high-rise residences, hotels, office buildings, commercial shopping centers, laboratories, factories, activity rooms, hospitals, railway stations, dance halls, residential houses, fire doors, special lining boards for purification panels, etc. Partition and ceiling fire protection Ideal decorative material for waterproofing.