Market Prospect Analysis of China's Glass Magnesium Board


  Magnesium glass board (commonly known as magnesium oxide board) is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and water ternary system, through configuration and modifier, magnesium cementitious material with stable performance, with medium alkali glass fiber mesh As a reinforcing material, it is a new type of non-combustible decorative material compounded with lightweight materials as fillers. It is processed by special production technology, and has the characteristics of fire prevention, waterproof, odorless, non-toxic, non-freezing, non-corrosion, non-cracking, unchanged, non-combustible, high-strength and light-weight, convenient construction and long service life. It is among the similar products in the country. There are compound special properties.
  Glass magnesium board has the following characteristics
  (1) Fireproof and flame retardant, according to GB546}-85 standard, it is non-combustible type A class.
  (2) Waterproof and moisture-proof, soaking in water for more than 48 hours, the board will not be deformed or changed.
  (3) Anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, to ensure the longevity of architectural decoration.
  (4) Sound insulation and heat insulation. The whole board has excellent thermal insulation performance and good sound insulation effect; low expansion rate and low moisture absorption deformation rate
  (5) Light weight and high strength, due to the advantage of strength, it can be constructed with thinner plates, and the overall building is light in weight, and has a certain seismic effect in cities such as Shanghai that require level 7 earthquake resistance.
  (6) Low loss in transportation and construction. The construction site can be arbitrarily cut by Philippine machinery to meet the requirements of walls and ceilings of different sizes. The construction is easy and can be sawed, planed, nailed and glued;
  (7) The flatness and adhesion of the surface ensure the convenience of surface treatment, and the surface can be painted, tiled, wallpaper and other decorative materials
  (8) The price-performance ratio is high, and the comprehensive cost is low.